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Terry Crews issued a sharp rebuttal to comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley's joke about the actor's sexual assault. The Brooklyn Nine Nine star has been an active voice for the #MeToo movement, advocating for men, in particular, to end the normalization of sexual harassment by holding one another accountable for predatory behavior. Crews was recently featured in a controversial ad by Gillette, discouraging male viewers from ignoring sexual harassment or shaming one another for being less traditionally masculine.

In the wake of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017, Crews publicly stated that an influential Hollywood figure had groped him at a party. The perpetrator was later revealed to be Adam Venit, who was then an agent at William Morris Endeavor. Venit has since publicly apologized and resigned, and Crews didn't pursue pressing charges following the apology. While many have applauded Crews' outspokenness, he's also been mocked and criticized for his statements. In an interview with Vlad TV, Hughley implied that some people were taking advantage of making accusations through the #MeToo movement and that Crews isn't suited to identify as a victim of sexual harassment because of his physical stature, saying, “Now everyone’s so into this notion that, ‘It happened to me too!' God gave you muscles so you could say no.”

Crews was quick to respond, and in a lengthy Twitter exchange, Crews fired back at Hughley's victim-blaming comments. Hughley responded by pointing out that Crews could have easily used physical force to deter the incident, which escalated the exchange further. Crews had previously stated that while he did push Venit off at the time of the incident, he didn't engage in an altercation in order to protect his career. See the Twitter comments below:


You told the world “God Gave Me Muscles So I Could Say No...”

Are you implying I “wanted” to be sexually assaulted?

I’m listening, sir...

— terry crews (@terrycrews) January 27, 2019
That’s different than slapping the shit outa him

— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) January 27, 2019
So sir...

If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior...

Should I slap the shit out of you?

— terry crews (@terrycrews) January 27, 2019
Crews also referred to the comedian's joke as a means to belittle and profit off of sexual assault victims for laughs. He also called out rapper 50 Cent, music producer Russell Simmons, and film producer Tariq Nasheed for mocking his allegations. Nasheed responded on Twitter by accusing Crews of trying to profit off of the #MeToo movement, which, according to Nasheed, no longer adequately supports people of color.

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